The Doctor will see (or call, or text, or videochat) you now: How Halcyon Health and Direct Primary Care are revolutionizing the way you access your Primary Care Physician

How much face time do you or your loved ones actually get with your Primary Care Physician during doctor appointments?maybe 5-10 minutes?  Can you see your doctor whenever you need to, or do you need to book weeks in advance?  If you feel that the current system and access to your doctor is woefully insufficient, you’re not alone.  In fact, many primary care physicians would agree, and this is exact problem that Halcyon Health and Direct Primary Care are attempting to solve.  Gavin and Zac are joined by Dr. Emilie Scott and Dr. James Gaor, co-founders of Halcyon Health, to discuss their revolutionary approach to primary care where patient membership fees allow the doctors to take on a realistic case load and focus on quality rather than volume, and ultimately deliver better care.  Check us out on iTunes or online, and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any of our other exciting upcoming episodes!

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