From Obamacare to Trumpcare: Why YOU Should Care

Harry Nelson and his law firm, Nelson Hardiman, have established themselves as some of the leading healthcare attorneys in the United States.  Following the passage of the Affordable Care Act, Harry and his team have worked nonstop to help their healthcare clients navigate the new realities of healthcare and the implications it involved.  With the future of our nation’s healthcare system thrown into disarray after the election of Donald Trump, Harry and his team became frustrated with the misinformation and hyper-partisan rhetoric that followed.  Given his deep knowledge of the healthcare system, he and fellow attorney Rob Fuller authored the best-selling book “From Obamacare to Trumpcare: Why YOU should care” to dispel myths being propagated by both sides of the aisle and provide some clarity of what we can expect moving forward.  Together we explore the ideas in the book, from Medicare and Medicaid, to what individuals and organizations should prepare for, regardless of what comes out of Washington D.C.
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