Dr. David Feinberg, former UCLA Health & current Geisinger Health CEO

When Dr. David Feinberg joined UCLA Health System many years ago as a psychiatrist, he wasn’t expecting to one day lead the organization.  However, after becoming CEO during a period of cratering patient satisfaction scores, Dr. Feinberg helped engineer one of the most incredible and well-documented cultural transformations in healthcare, establishing UCLA as one of the top 3-5 hospitals in the nation in the process.  While he’d quickly rebut that he was only a piece of the transformation, his ongoing routine of daily patient visits and emphasis on their satisfaction nevertheless inspired a book and a TEDTalk documenting UCLA’s success.  Now President and CEO of Geisinger Health in Pennsylvania, Dr. Feinberg oversees innovative programs like refunds for unhappy patients and genetic testing for entire populations, continuing an opportunistic vision that has served so many for good.
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