Former Molina Healthcare Executive John Molina and the Relaunch of Community Hospital Long Beach

Former Molina Healthcare executive and entrepreneur John Molina discusses the vision he and his team had in investing in the relaunch of Community Hospital Long Beach, which recently reopened to support the healthcare community during the COVID-19 pandemic. John also shares how his departure in 2017 from Molina, while not easy, was a teaching moment[…]

LA County Department of Public Health Shares Facts on COVID-19 Vaccine with 24 Hour Home Care Staff

LA County Department of Public Health’s (LACDPH) Chair of the Healthcare Outreach Unit and infeciton disease expert Dr. Zachary Rubin, along with LACDPH Healthcare Outreach Unit’s Alejandro Ramirez, RN, share the facts on the vaccine with 24 Hour Home Care frontline caregivers and support staff during a virtual townhall meeting in February, 2021. Check out[…]