California Insurance Commissioner, Dave Jones, is fighting for you

California has the largest insurance market in the nation, valued at about $259 Billion in premiums annually.  CA Insurance Commissioner, Dave Jones, is the man in charge of protecting both consumers and insurers in that massive marketplace and he joins Zac to talk about the unique challenges (or as he calls them: opportunities) this creates.  In a refreshingly open and wide-ranging conversation, we discuss why the state felt it was better off with its own health insurance exchange, the rising costs of premiums, why the current Affordable Care Act replacement suggestions from Republican leadership would be disastrous for CA, and why he fought vehemently against the recent mergers of Humana, Aetna, Anthem & Cigna.  Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any of the important upcoming episodes with healthcare attorney, Bob King, and Senator Ed Hernandez!

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