The Healthcare Games: Will politics make The Affordable Care Act the first ‘tribute’ of the Trump administration?

Healthcare Futurist, Best-Selling Author & former Hospital CEO, Josh Luke, recently wrote that “Obamacare is D.O.A.” under the new administration.  That is a scary thought for millions of Americans now living with health insurance, and he recently joined Gavin & Zac to discuss.  Why does he think that an initial repeal could be largely ceremonial,[…]

What the heck is a MACRA? Dr. Ashby Wolff, CMS Region-9 Chief Medical Officer, explains and tells us how it could impact the way physicians deliver better patient-centered care.

Medicare Access and CHIP Re-Authorization Act (MACRA) is a mouthful and doesn’t necessarily jump off the page as a must-read, but in reality, it is about to change the way doctors can deliver (and bill for) better patient-centered care.  For example, did you know that a physician and a specialist cannot both bill for a[…]